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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

X-men 3

Wait for it to come out on video or go see it during a matinee. It was ok, not bad, not great... just ok.

The drive home

I took this pic about 6 months ago (I think). I've just worked on it a little bit.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Monday, May 29, 2006

Otter Lake

This is a creek that runs off of Otter Lake on Ft. Richardson. An amazing place hidden off to the side of a fairly busy lake, the constant sun now-days is making everything super-green. I think we're getting about 19 hours of sunlight.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dandelions in High Res


A quick shot of my son playing with a stick, I just like how it turned out.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

More weeds

Friday, May 26, 2006

Norwood Matt

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me rip off his idea for the picture links at the top of the blog, and pretty much working his ass off helpin me makeover this entire site. Without his help, it'd be pretty damn boring round here. Plus, his blog is freakin hilarious and maybe, just maybe, he can lay some knowledge on ya.

Stuff on Fire

Street Dancer

Lately, on the ride home, I have been seeing this guy. He dances on a street corner that get's heavy rush hour traffic wearing different types of t-shirts (I liked this one). A lot of people don't make eye contact and just keep on driving, some yell out the window calling him retarded and others cheer him on. I stopped for a minute to talk to him, pretty level headed guy. Funny as hell to watch.

If you can't read the shirt, it goes something like this.


That's good stuff.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


This guy belongs to Harvey (a friend the helped me get into photography)...he only poked his head around the corner enough for me to get this shot. [the cat, not harvey ;)]

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006



That's about the size of it, they're rocks ;)

Moose gate

This shows about how secure that giant multi-million dollar fence they built around Ft. Richardson is worth. These are located all down the fence line, they're to allow moose to travel in off the highway.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Word Verfication

I hate it, had it off for almost a full year with no problems at all. I get up this morning to see over 600 spam comments on my page...hah. Man that sucked.

Guess I have to turn it back on =\

New fence

Just beefin up the ole security around my house. Ok, not really. This is the new fence they just built around Fort Richardson (where I work). This sucker is impressive.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Archival Cds

For anyone with a digital camera, these are a must have. You should never store your pictures/home videos on your computer hardrive, and regular cd's only have a lifespan of about 10 years.
Archival CD's

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fishing season

It's getting close to the time when thousands of people flock here to catch The Chinook Salmon, also known as The Alaska King, I've been here about 9 years and never bothered to even try. This year I think I'm going to, just so I can say I did. They start running early next month, there's a spot here in town "ship creek" where most of the combat fishing goes down. Even if I don't catch anything I think I'll get some good pic's.

Anyway, the reason I made this post is so I could toss this song up. I found it on some forums about fishing I was reading, it's hilarious.

Fish On, unknown artist

If you push play and it skips it because it's still loading. Just push pause and wait a few minutes.

More tree art

Another quick one of the boy

Nothing special about this pic, I just had my son here while I was working on my pictures and he wanted to show off his skateboard backpack and his Army of Darkness lunchbox. So I showed him how to post pics and let him type this....

hi im Fletcher i AM 6

Fish Hatchery

Razor Wire in color

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Razor Wire

This woulda been a pretty cool pic, but I ended up getting that shadow across the wire, /shrug. Don't have anything else so i'm postin this'a one.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Urban moose

Something wrong with the way picasa+hello work together, server problems. Gonna have ta post pictures the old fashion'd way till they fix the problem.

Anyways, this guy was just lounging around in the front yard of one of the houses on Fort Rich. He was completely comfortable with me being there. It was classic I have never seen a moose so laid back.

Just kickin back and enjoying the little bit of sun we were lucky enough to recieve today.

They have been out thick this year, I have been seeing at least 1 every day for the last week or so.

A walk with the boy

I wasn't sure which of these to post so I'm just gonna post them all, this is my boy on a walk we took yesterday.

Anyone else only seeing half the pictures?

*edit* The problem with the pictures not loading correctly is with the blogger servers and the way picasa loads pic's onto it. Seems they should have it resolved soon enough. I took the broken ones out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gnarly Old Tree

I think it's a black cottonwood.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yearling moose

This little guy wandered into the housing area on Fort Richardson (where I work) on Friday, the reason I am posting this, is the dog. Look down in the lower right hand corner in the fenced in yard, the dog is crawling. The moose was walking casually and the dog was stalking it the entire time (lucky for the dog he was fenced in), when the moose got to about where the dog was, he lunged and that moose jumped about 6 feet straight up... I could not believe it. He coulda cleared that fence easy... heh.

Mac vs PC

I saw this commercial the other day about how Macs are better than PCs because Macs never crash. This is complete and utter BS. If you are planning on buying a Mac rather than a PC, don't let it be for that reason alone. Macs are crash-resistant for one reason and one reason only: they don't run the most popular operating system on the planet. If 80% of the computers on the planet ran the Mac OS, then the majority of hacker attacks would be directed against the Mac OS.

Well then, “Why not buy a Mac if they're not the ones under attack?” you ask. There are 3 simple reasons.

  1. Apple is the most pretentious company that I have ever had the misfortune to smell. "Our stuff is the bestest, the most beautifulest, and the most greatest stuff on the planet and we never evar screw up."

  2. Everything that Apple makes, they make using their own proprietary components that only Apple makes. That also means that only Apple makes the replacement parts and only Apple makes the upgrades. How the Hell they get away with this crap is a mystery to me. Microsoft gets sued for adding their own media player to THEIR operating system but Apple can bundle iTunes with every program they make, including QuickTime. QuickTime, as we all know, is a requirement for anything like satisfactory web surfing these days.

  3. The "superiority" of their customer service, design, and programming is a myth. Take the iPod for instance (NEVER BUY AN IPOD):

    • The first 2 versions of the iPod had battery problems. Battery problem number one with the first 2 versions of the iPod - the battery won't hold a charge for very long. Why is that? Well, after 6 hours of searching through iPod forums I finally found out that those iPods had an internal clock that keeps drawing power from the battery, even when you've shut the iPod down. So, you charge the battery and then, less than 16 hours later, you have a dead iPod. BTW - they never did make a fix for that clock thing even tho iPods have updateable firmware.

    • Problem number 2 with the early edition iPod batteries was that the battery itself only lasts about 6 months with constant use. After that? You need a new battery. Search for "how to replace an iPod battery" on Google. It quickly becomes apparent that Apple did not design these iPods to be disassembled. Once they are snapped (or, in the case of the iPod Mini, glued) together, Apple essentially considers them to be a disposable item, and warranty/repair work (you know, like replacing that lame-ass battery) consists of swapping the broken iPod for a new one. Great, just great. You'll want special tools and special medicine and even with those you'll still probably mar the case. It's easier to learn to fly a 747. You'd think they'd cover that crap in some kind of warranty, but you'd be wrong. So much for the "superiority" of their customer service, design, and programming.

    • The iPod uses a laptop hard drive. These laptop hard drives are nothing so much as they are ghettoes for moving parts that would like to stop moving and just go to moving parts heaven. You can send them there by dropping the iPod oh, say 12 inches. Great, just great. Next time you see an iPod? Ask it if its hard drive has been washed in the blood of the lamb, 'cause it's sure as Hell gonna die soon. And when it does? You are now the proud owner of a 400 dollar paperweight. You want an mp3 player? Get a memory stick. Memory sticks are tuff. They are so tough, they can even survive you breaking their freakin' cases.
To sum, up I'm not saying that Apple sucks (please don't fly off the handle if you're a Mac freak), only that they have just as many problems as Microsoft (or PCs). To say that a Mac is better than a PC or that a PC is better than a Mac is like saying hamburgers taste better than sloppy joes. It's a matter of taste. I have played with both. In my opinion, though, you only need to get a Mac if you also need to be spending lots of money.

Here's a way better commercial about the Mac than the one I saw that started this whole rant:

Hunter Cressall demonstrates the proper use of the Mac in this video - "Crash Different." Hunter uses a Mac every day. Yes, Virginia, he even owns two of them, not including the one that he dropkicks in the video.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gulls in color

It was an overcast day so not much color to these guys before i b&w'd it... but here's the color version anyways ;)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I hate seagulls,when they show up all the ravens leave (the raven is by far the coolest of all the birds) but when learning to photograph wildlife i guess you gotta start with the easy stuff.

Otter Lake

First of the mosquito's are showing up, check out the size of this sucker.. Some people joke that the mosquito is the Alaskan state bird (take into effect that I have wide hands). That's a big skeeter.


This is where we usually stop to eat lunch everyday.

The van with the rack on the top is mine. Not that it means a whole hell of a lot... heh.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The rest of the Battle

I had no idea people would like the toy soldiers so much, so here's the rest of the fight that the kids (or whoever) had set up.

Somehow it seems the bear has become the innocent bystander /shrug.


This looks like storm clouds, but they're not. It was sunny all morning and this was just as the clouds road in.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Walk in the woods

I was taking a walk thru the woods today for lunch when I ran across a toy soldier battle field someone had set up and left.