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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Crap for Xmas, Bobby Gaylor

12 days of christmas, Bob And Doug Mckenzie

Werd up, Korn

Carry me Carrie

Don't touch me, Brak

I like hubcaps, Brak

Ride On, AC/DC

Pancho and Lefty, Willie Nelson and Merl Haggard

Fette's Vette, MC Chris

Firefly theme song, Tv Show

In the Ghetto, Elvis

in the ghetto, Cartman and Elvis

Itsy Bitsy Spider, Joey DeLuxe

BeerRun, Tom Schnider - Bob and Tom show

The Gourds, Gin and Juice

I'm the baby, From the show Dinosaurs "My son's favorite song of all time"

Son of a preacherman, Dusty Springfield

Stay, Oingo Boingo "Danny Elfman - the guy who does all of Tim Burtons movie music plus a lot more"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Links "photoblogs"


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Selling pictures

Ok, I keep getting e-mails about where to buy my pictures.. I have no real Idea how to go about this so i'm taking some pricing Ideas from other sites. First, I have started an e-bay account to start with

My E-Bay Store If you want to buy thru E-bay and don't see a picture there that is listed at deviantart that you want, let me know and I'll list it.

Second, If you don't have an e-bay account you can just e-mail me @ with the subect "buying prints" price list as follows

5x7 Inch Print $4
8x12 Inch Print $16.95

This includes shipping.
If you go to my deviantart gallery you can pick thru all of my pictures that I think might be worth a crap...(and get the name of the picture) You can't actually buy anything at deviantart... I have not been able to set up a professional account there yet. The panoramics would be a different deal all together but if you e-mail me I'm sure we could work something out.