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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from pictures for a few days, maybe start again on wed or so....

See ya then :)

Also as said before, I read all the comments... I just check the dam things on me cell and forget to respond to them later =\ So, I wanna thank a few folks...

Norwood Matt and The Lovely Laura, Seriously guys, you 2 are the best. Plus matt's site is classic.
Skavenger and Marino, Same! :)
Karen, Been coming here forever, thanks :)
Gypsy, I saw what happened to your site :(
Patty, Also been coming here since near the beginning, be sure to check out her new site.. It's good stuff.
Cameradawktor, appreciate all your comments :)
Sicilian, Always a pleasure!
Chris, Great poetry.... good guy.
Osiriums Ventaka, thanks man, I've been reading your comments.
Jenn, has mad skills with photo editing.
Tiffany, also been around a long time :)
Dave MacIntyre, thanks man.. you do great stuff.
Reeholio, Thanks dude.
Kelvin,Yer the man, hah.
Cathy and Dave, :)

I know there's a few more out there I'm missing that I should thank, I'll add em as I remember em ;)

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Parking lot at work

This is the parking lot in front of the office where I work, at sunrise (bout 8:00 am). The puddles are from the night before, it's been raining up here of and on for about the last 2 months straight.

I've still been slacking majorly on the blog for the las few weeks, I'm gonna make another attempt to cach up and fill in all the blanks ;)

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