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Saturday, December 31, 2005


I use a lot of programs to edit and manipulate photo's, but there is a free program called Picasa that cannot be beat, I mean it doesn't come close to touching Paintshop or corel in photo editing but it helps completely in organizing my pics and then minor alterations before I publish them. It's great and it's totally free. It also finds every picture on your comp and throws it in an easy to use window.

Anyone with a digital camera should try it out.

Learning to use Corel Painter

I got the idea for doing this from Mike Brown at Macro art in nature he's really good at this. I still think the original looks better.

Mushrooms from this fall

More berries from this fall

My son's t-shirt.

I just thought it was funny.

Sorting pictures

I was loading a bunch more pics on my mushroom blog when i ran across this one, I really like this one... they looked like marshmallows.

Friday, December 30, 2005


Berries from this fall

Berries from this summer

more snow and learning Corel

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Alaskan Mushrooms

Uploaded a buncha pics to my mushroom blog , no info posted on them as of yet.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Flowers from this summer

i've posted these before, but i've worked on this one a bit.

Sunrise this morning

For digital photographers

This program will search a memory stick/card for all lost images that HAVE NOT be overwritten, I tested it out on 3 different cards and each time I was able to recover all of the old photo's (I accidentally deleted a batch of my pics and I stumbled across this program), the best thing about it is that it's completely free and has no spyware attatched.

PC INSPECTOR smart recovery

Hard to find

I had first heard this song while watching The Abyss, One Knight, the lady driving the tow rig popped it into a tape player and the entire crew started singing it, couple days later i was humming the damn thing and had to find it, turns out (as far as i'm concerned) this is one of the greatest songs ever made. 15 years later, i'm still not sick of it.. and it's been around since the early 70's.

Willin', Little feat

Cottonwood Park, Ft Rich

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cottonwood Park, Ft Rich

This is a buddy of mine the guy that got me into photography, Harv... taking a pic of some trees.

Ghost Shrimp

(10 gallon tank)These guys are usually food for other fish, originally i thought they'd be great to test out the tank then get rid of them... but it turned out they were really cool to have around, they clean the bottom and algae off of the plants. Plus they add some life to the bottom of the tank.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Learning to use Corel Painter

Turned this into a water color

and snowzilla into a drawing

Sorting pictures

A few flowers from May that I worked on a bit.

Learning to use Corel Painter

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fun with Dick and Jane

This movie sucked, My advice would be to wait untill the video comes out.... then don't buy it. The only thing good to come outta this movie was a preview for a movie called Click. It stars Adam Sandler (if you don't like Adam sandler watch the trailer before dismissing this movie)

No favorite quotes in this pile.

The Ringer

Went and saw The Ringer last night, It was good... not great, but there were some funny parts in it. I'd have to say about a 5 or 6 on this one. i read one review that worded it perfectly. "The Ringer's merely an uplifting comedy with a few good laughs."

Favorite quote, "When the f*** did we get ice cream?"

Christmas tunage

Blue Christmas, Porky Pig(well a guy acting like Porky, but still funny) ;)

Clown Loach

This is now my favorite fish in the tank, I bought him about 5 days ago and he is just the coolest thing to watch, turns out that these guys have peculiar sleeping habits(scared the crap out of me) they sometimes sleep upside down or on their sides, couple times I thought he was dead. This is a side view of my 30gallon (114 liters) tank.

Btw, I paintshopped the hell out of this photo... the original looked bad, check it out

Snowzilla, 16 foot snowman

A guy here in anchorage built a 16 foot snowman that hit internationl news, we took a drive to go see it and get some pics... there was quite a crowd when we got there but lucky for us everyone left all at once and we had the place pretty much all to ourselves for about 5 minutes, just as we were leaving another crowd showed up. The snowman was awsome.

This is what it looked like when the crowd reassembled and Fletcher there in the hotrod tellin me it was time to stop taking pictures ;)
Like to one of the news articles here

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Friday, December 23, 2005


A streetlight during a small snowstorm.

Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

X-mas lights

My fishtanks

30 gallon

10 gallon

A couple shots of the 2 fishtanks i've recently pu together over the last 5 days or so. Pictures suck... for the life of me i could not get any good shots =
I only like real plants and natural type settings, both tanks are alot clearer and brighter than pictured here I just could not seem to capture it correctly(i'll have to try again later). I love community tanks, no real aggressive type fish, not sure on some of the fish names i happened to get a real good deal on a bunch of fish in a pet store that was closing down, they told me if i could catch them i could have them.
The 10 gallon has
2 Kuhli loaches
2 ballon mollies
2 dalmation mollies
4 guppies
5 ghost shrimp
2 fire mollies (homer and bart) named by fletcher.
2 beta's
2 bleeding heart tetra's
2 sucker fish(not sure on the name)
2 catfishtype(not sure on the name)

30 gallon
2 beta's
1 gold gourami (5 inches long) (seen in the middle of the top photo)
3 rosey barbed tetra's (each about 3 inches long)
2 other type tetra's(not sure on the name)
2 catfishtype(name again)
2 blue dwarf gourami's
2 sucker fish

X-mas lights

One more

Christmas tunage

What's this?, Danny Elfman as Jack Skellington(Nightmare before Christmas)

Yup this is christmas music, goes for both holidays(halloween and christmas) ;)

More sky, Fort Rich

Today was another good day for these wild sun pics... I think i've done enough of these tho.. dunno