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Saturday, April 30, 2005

5th Avenue Mall 4-30-05

I just thought this looked cool, heh. It's the inside of the mall.

5th Avenue Mall 4-30-05

This is a painting on the side of JCpenny's. Took this is from the top of the parking garage there (another of Mine and Fletcher's favorite haunts) the guy that painted it is a very famous artist in hawaii, name is Wyland.
  • Wyland's site
  • 5th Avenue Mall bear 4-30-05

    Messed around at the mall today, the boy and i are mallrats. We spend alotof time here muhahaha. This is right inside the door of JCpenny's, classic eh? Just got this shot to show how big the damn thing was.

    Friday, April 29, 2005

    Chugiach mountins, Anchorage 4-29-05

    God, another record breaking day... hard to believe it was so damn nice. Snow is almost completley gone from the mountains and i think i'm going to the park all day tomorrow.

    Me 4-29-05

    I don't get many pics of my self, my son took this one while i was in my work van.... he wanted me to post his picture so i guess i will, heh. As of today a'hm takin that damn date outta the pic's... dunno why i didn't before.

    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    Fletcher @ Arby's 4-28-05

    Ok 1 more, hah.

    Fletcher @ Arby's 4-28-05

    One more of mah boy i just had to throw in. :)

    Moose Poopie, 4-28-05

    Moose nuggets, these things are everywhere. I had to clean these up to work on a meter base for power today, notice the removal technique. I was gettin some of these to launch at least 40 feet....haha. Funny thing is moose crap is used in a ton of touristy stuff, like earrings, novelty gifts and even incense(not joking).

    Fort Richardson, Snowboarding hill.

    77 degrees today, that's a record for this time of year. Not a cloud in the sky and it was beautiful. This is a bunny slope they use to train soldiers to ski on, they added the snowboarding ramp for fun. Cool as hell, heh.

    Wednesday, April 27, 2005

    Cottonwood Park 4-27-05

    This is the park where we stop for lunch in the summer, same place as the pic of the playground with the mountains. Note the sign and the jogger..... yes kids play here, lol. It'll be very green here soon, the snow just melted. We're gettin about 15 hours of daylight right now....soon it'll be about 22, of which about 5 will be like dusk.

    Otter Lake , Ft. Rich 4-27-05

    Another beautiful day, hiked back out to otter lake, but did not stay long... got this thru the weeds as we were on our way out.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    Otter Lake , Ft. Rich 4-26-05

    This is where the big beaver lives, BIG BEAVER. This is where Harvey (the photographer) likes to hang out, took us about 20 min drive and a 30 min hike to get here. Was well worth it.

    Moose 4-26-05

    Almost forgot, 2 yearling moose wander'd into the housing area today. Shot this from my work van.

    Cottonwood Park 4-26-05

    This is a park on base i get to work on in the summer... now ask meh why i live here ;)

    Otter Lake, Ft. Rich 4-26-05

    Beaver bidness at the lake, busy lil feller.

    Otter Lake, Ft. Rich 4-26-05

    Went out to the lake on the army base where i work today, to take pictures of local wildlife. The guy i'm with is a professional photographer, works at the same place i do. Maybe i'll talk him into lettin me post some of his....heh. Here he was taking a picture of a swan. I backpacked some of his gear in for him just to check it out.

    Went and saw Kung Fu Hustle again tonight, godamn what a great movie... praise the man jeebus for good clean fun.

    Monday, April 25, 2005

    Downtown anchorage, omg look no snow or igloos. No polar bears either hah. This is from the parking garage of the dowtown mall (5th avenue mall) mightah good pretzels there.

    Fletcher and the rose bush.

    4-23-05 Wild rose bushes grow all over earthquake park, it's a place where they show the devastation of the 64 quake. And all the boy cared about, was how this bush kept biting him, hah.

    Sunday, April 24, 2005


    Fletcher 4-18-05

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    Fletcher 4-18-05

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    Fletcher 4-23-05

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