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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Razor Wire

This woulda been a pretty cool pic, but I ended up getting that shadow across the wire, /shrug. Don't have anything else so i'm postin this'a one.


Blogger Heather said...

this is powerful
very nice Dave

7:21 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Thanks Heather, I was actually real reluctant to post this one.

7:59 PM  
Blogger CameraDawktor said...

Woah, wouldn't want to straddle that one!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Gypsy said...

Welcome back, Dave..

11:49 PM  
Blogger Sicilian said...

I love the black and whites, but then I am a sepia kind of gal too. Great picture.

3:19 AM  
Blogger '*\~>Chris?<~/*' said...

Dude, this is an awesome picture-with or without the shadow-it gets the message across. I need to find some wild places here to take pictures. Your an inspiration to us all.

3:43 AM  
Blogger Shionge said...


8:24 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Some great pics on your site. I have had an ipod for some time now and its been great. Mind you i havent dropped it yet! ha ha ha.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Skavenger said...

I totally love the barbed-wire pictures. We have a totally different kind of barbed wire around here, never seen this kind, except on tv and internet and stuff.

11:52 PM  

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