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Friday, September 02, 2005

Bruce Campbell, 9-2-05

Here in Anchorage they opened a theater/pub, you can order real food and eat at a table while you're watching a movie. The movies they show are usually months after they're released and extremely cheap, bout 3 bucks a show. Great food there... anyways, they were hosting a book signing for Bruce Campbell.

Who is Bruce campbell you ask? Why one of the finest B movie actors to ever live. I don't usually give 2 craps about getting a celebrity signature, but this was Bruce friggin Campbell :)

Link to his website.
  • bruce-campbell-online

  • Me getting my poster and 2 books signed :) The lady at the door took this pic for me. Bruce was really laid back and down to earth. Hell of a guy.

    And finally, this is a pic of the poster I had him sign. His name was Ash in this movie(for those who don't know). I was having a hard time getting the correct light to take a pic of this poster, So i just lightened and enlarged a section, it's no where near that hard to see in real life.

    I forgot to mention, he was not only there to sign book. He was premiering a movie that he directed and starred in. He did a QandA for about 30 minutes before the movie started (inside the theater there is a stage in front of the screen) i've got most of it on video... very funny stuff. And before some of you see this poster and think, "what the hell is that crap?". Take a look at the director of the movie... it's the same guy who is directing all the SpiderMan movies ;) (another hero of mine)

    His movie.
  • Man with the screaming brain.

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