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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Otter Lake

Btw, these last several pics have been in high res (click on them and they're 1024X768).

Anyone but me see Donkey from Shrek in this pic?

I honestly have no idea why I like this shot...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would make a great wallpaper. Do you allow that?

9:38 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Sure thing, be my guest :)

9:39 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

i think it looks like a baby moose

11:14 PM  
Blogger Peruby said...

I see Donkey!

I also like the last photo. It is centered very nicely and the colors are wonderful together.

3:07 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I don't know, but I like it too.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Dick the Boomer said...

No reason needed. It's just a great shot!

6:02 AM  
Blogger Monica said...

i saw a rabbit first...but donkey it shall be!! absolutely incredible...

6:17 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

It has great contrast, unique color, texture and line, its a great photo.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

I see Bambi!
And the other photo is just great!

11:19 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

definitely the donkey - or a baby moose, if I squint a little... :)

1:38 PM  
Blogger Norwood Matt said...

I see that fool rabbit from the movie, Donnie Darko. That thing weirds me out. I'm with Peruby on that last image. Dunno why, but it feels mighty darned friendly.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Thanks everyone, I was hoping that last pic wouldn't be crap.

NM, ya know, that damn rabbit in Donnie Darko is the only character in any movie in any place or time to give me the "heebe-dee jeebies". (quoting the king of the lemurs from madagasgar)

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sing the Sibbie song Dave!!!!

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

7:58 AM  
Blogger HomeJewel said...

The last photo is my favorite. The colors are gorgeous! Great blog!

12:29 AM  
Blogger Patty said...

haha about the clouds. my sister also laughed at it when i showed her the other day.

totally love the 1st & 3rd photo...brilliant!

6:47 AM  

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