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Thursday, January 26, 2006

More B&W's

Ok, I think I quit with the black and whites for a bit ;)


Blogger Skavenger said...

I love this one :D
Especially the trees reflecting, it's beautiful!

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Not all black and white pictures look better than their colored counterparts, but I would bet money this is one that does. =)Liz

2:15 AM  
Blogger Patty said...

Amazingly haunting, awesome, so perfect...

6:33 AM  
Blogger wildpic said...

great picture david, classic and cool !

7:52 AM  
Blogger crallspace said...

Dave, were you standing in the water for this one? Have you ever gotten all wet for the sake of a photo?

9:49 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Skavenger, thanks :) maybe i should post the color version, I don't think it stands out as well but it still looks purty.

Liz, Hi!

Patty, hah, I dunno about perfect.. but I think I'm getting the hang of this black and white thing. I never cared much for them before now but I'm starting to.

Suresh, thanks again dude.. you always know the right thing to say... lol

Dan, nope, not in water... and yep I have gotten wet, dirty, rained on, covered in spiders, mosquitos, had a squirrel fall on me(that was very unpleasant) up to my knees in mud, charged by a moose, touched a few mushrooms I probably shouldn't have... and been cut and scratched in places no one should ever be scratched in.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Patty said...

That is too funny!

A squirrel fell on you? Ha.

Covered in spiders??? How'd that happen?

When I was young I once climbed into a small overhang behind a waterfall with my uncle and cousins and inside were hundreds, mabey thousands of daddy long legs on the walls. I freaked out. Never been covered in them, least not yet, thankfully.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Lol yeah, I was crusin thru the forest lookin for shrooms and this squirrel ran passed me and he was pisssed, I dunno I must have been standing on his pile of little pinecones or something... he ran up this skinny tree and started chirpping at me, well I grabed the tree and gave it a little shake just to shut him up and that damn tree was so skiny that my little shake at the bottom turned into a 9.6 on the rictor at the top of the tree and scared the living crap out of the squirrel so he let go of the tree and dropped right on my head.... now I don't know if you have ever seen one close up but they have some BIG teeth. I swatted at it and he grabbed my hand (not with his teeth) ran down my arm and onto the ground, back up a thicker tree and he never made another sound. haha, course I never shook another tree.

As for the spiders, when you walk thru all the small pines in the alaskan woods there are spiderwebs everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.... well I've never been afriad of spiders and I was really into getting pictures so I just plowed thru all these spiderwebs I was gathering quite the collection of spiders. By the time I noticed they were even there, I had about 30 or more all over me... It was like in Indiana jones when that guy noticed he was covered in trantulas.. lol btw I'm still not ascared of spiders ;)

Daddy longlegs? hah well that's not so bad ;)

12:32 AM  
Blogger Patty said...

U R 2 funny! *laughing so hard*

Once I was sitting in class at a table with 4 guys. Everyone in the room was quiet and this tiny spider starts crawling on my space. I freak out and I'm franticly pointing at it. Well, Caleb, the guy next to me, calmly slams his hand down on that spider, I breathe a sigh of relief and he never even says a word or even wipes his hand. And I'm just staring at his hand thinking, "Gross!"

I am only afraid of spiders because I can't tell which ones are poisonous and I'm not about to sit down and try to calmly figure it out while they're all over me, picking off each one, 1 at a time, saying, "Nope, you're not poisonous..."

1:47 AM  
Blogger Norwood Matt said...

ROTFLMAO! (about the squirrel - not the image)

I love the way this picture draws me in. Thanks for posting some black and white.

We live in Ohio where we have 17-year cicadas. My wife and I have now gone thru two infestations of them. Once, during the first infestation, I was trimming the yard with a weed-whacker. The sound that the weed-whacker makes attracts female cicadas like nobody's business.

ALL of the female cicada's in our yard hopped on me and started trying to make little cicadas with me. Frankly, it felt a little weird. I liked the attention. The fact that this was a different species and that they only liked me for my weed-whacker was disturbing. Anyway, I was like one of those bee guys that you see on TV, covered from head to toe in cicadas. This was all out in the front yard. It stopped the traffic in the street in front of the house.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Haunting simplicity :)

6:37 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

I love this one!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I love this one, David. It reminds me of growing up and my love of odd little clusters of trees, often near water or interrupting meadows that rolled on and on behind our house.

2:25 PM  

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