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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kiss kiss, Bang bang.

Kiss kiss, Bang bang.
Hands down, THE single best murder mystery I have EVER seen. I highly recommend this movie, the name sucks, but the movie is excellent.

Extreme language and situations (for those who don't appreciate bad language), hilarious movie tho.

Second favorite quote, the first one I won't post here.....
Perry Van Shrike:(Val Kilmer)[to the audience] Thanks for coming, please stay for the end credits, if you're wondering who the best boy is, it's somebody's nephew, um, don't forget to validate your parking, and to all you good people in the Midwest, sorry we said f*** so much.

I might've messed that up a bit, but it's close enough ;)


Blogger Norwood Matt said...

This looks perfect in every way. Must... check... out....

My word verfication was 'psyyqqns'

12:49 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

In every single way, yessir you are correct. I want to see it for a second time, it's definitely in the classification of "sensitive type movie", hah

I can top the word verification, mine is 'lasuurus'

1:38 AM  

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